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The Importance of Knowing the RTP

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As you browse through the wide selection of slot machines that are plentifully presented in almost any casino, whether it is new as an online Casino Cookie or already long-existing, you can quickly notice the Return to Player (RTP) percentage that is necessarily included in their data. This percentage determines how much money the game can return to players in the long run.

By knowing the RTP of a particular game, players will know how much money is in store for them if they keep playing.  A higher RTP means that the slot machine has higher profitability.

There Are Still Many Things Players Need to Learn About RTP. Here Is a Few Of Them.

RTP and Variance 

RTP is often confused with variance, but they are not the same thing. Although the two are somewhat related to each other, they refer to two different things. 

Variance determines how often and how much you can win in the games you choose. For example, games with a lower variance may have players win more games but with smaller prizes. On the other hand, games with higher variance may result in players rarely winning. However, these rare wins may give their players a better chance of winning the larger prizes. 

So the difference between the two is that the variance determines the probability of wins that players can get. On the other hand, live RTP refers to the percentage that can be won if the player chooses to play frequently. 

RTPs at Physical and Online Casinos 

If you are a fan of slots in physical casinos and online casinos, you may have noticed that there is a noticeable difference between the two. If you look closely, you may notice that the RTPs at online slots are relatively higher than those at brick-and-mortar casinos. 

Physical slot machines often have lower RTPs. In fact, their RTPs may only be between 70% and 90%. It is even quite rare for a land-based slot machine to have an RTP above 90. In the case of online slots, the RTPs are higher. In fact, online slot machines often have RTPs of 96% and higher. Thus, on the online platform, having an RTP of 95% and below can be disappointing for players. 

RTP Calculations

It is important that players really know how to calculate RTPs on their own. To do this, they need to consider how average bets, average rewards, and payouts all relate to each other. 

By knowing these elements, players will learn to choose the games that give them the best chance of winning. This doesn’t mean, however, that slot machines with lower RTPs shouldn’t be given a chance. If you’re just playing for fun, these games are still worth your attention, even if they may not be as profitable in the long run. 

The Relevance of RTP in a Single Game 

Considering that RTP refers to the percentage that can be earned in a game over time, it is still very relevant even if you only try the game for a few rounds. Even if you can’t feel the impact of the amount that will be returned to you over time, you will notice that those with a higher RTP have a smoother game.

It is really important for players to know the live RTP of slot games before playing. Knowing it will give them an idea of how smooth and interesting their game is.

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