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How online sports betting works in 7 points


Here’s everything you need to know before you start betting on your favourite sports online – this information is pure gold!

If you’re new to the world of online sports betting, you’re probably a little confused by all the little numbers that appear for each event and you might also be a little unclear on what the amount of money you could receive if you win your bets depends on. So that you don’t get confused and feel more confident about it all, here’s how online betting works.

7 tips for betting

  1. It is absolutely necessary that you are registered with the bookmaker you wish to bet with. You are asked to verify your account to prove that you are indeed of legal age. If a bookmaker doesn’t ask you for any kind of information before you deposit money to bet, it’s quite likely that it’s something that will end badly.
  2. As with conventional betting, the losers in online sports betting are the ones who pay the winners. In addition, a very small part of the bets is the house’s profit. But don’t worry, on reliable sites, it’s a given that you get the promised winnings, yes or no, when you win.
  3. Just as we explained in the previous point, the odds change constantly, in order to maintain a balance even when there are a lot of users betting.
  4. Don’t get confused! The fact that many people are betting on the same sporting event does not mean that the winnings will be less. It really all depends on which option they are betting on. 
  5. When an American odds option has a very negative number (such as -3000), this can mean that many people have already bet on it and it is usually the one that is most likely to be the winner. In this case you must bet a larger amount of money if you want to receive a significant profit.
  6. On the other hand, if an option has a very large positive odds (such as +3500), it is perhaps because very few people have bet on it and it is also unlikely to be a winner. Betting a small amount of money could give you quite juicy profits, if it wins, but the odds of this happening are very low.
  7. Despite the above, after placing your online sports bets you don’t have to worry that your winnings will be less if you win. When you place your bet, the odds you bet with are respected and so are your potential winnings. Just remember that the total amount of money you receive will be the sum of your net winnings plus the money you invested in the bet.


Now that you know all this, are you ready to get the dose of adrenaline your body needs? Now and bet on your favourite sports. Remember that in the section “Betting School” we have many tips that can be very useful for you.

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