1)The current upcoming event is The Blind Ball put on by Terry and Patti Hoddinott.

 2) Enjoy pics from the 1st annaul RB Society picnic


1st Annual Canadian RB Society Picnic

The first annual RB Society Picnic was held on Sunday, August 25th at the Bronte Creek Provincial Park.  It was a good opportunity for RB families and HSC staff to meet in a more relaxed atmosphere.  The kids enjoyed playing together with activities such as soccer, baseball, bubble blowing and playing in the falling leaves.  The adults had fun watching the kids and were able to meet other families and found that there was much to talk about.  The food was typical barbeque fare with hotdogs, hamburgers and lots of salads.  Special thanks go to the Hoddinott and Chafe families who arranged the food and did all the barbequing.



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